What the…

yourenergyisdoingmyheadin logo… hell is happening to my energy? Why is it that she drains me? Why do I get zapped when I am at work? Why does my computer affect me? And why does your energy do my head in? Energy, energy, energy…what does it all mean? What is its significance?

This thought provoking blog will answer your questions by putting forward a logical and theoretical prospective that will genuinely reveal more about yourself and your energy than you have already discovered so far.

Hi everyone, I’m Michael Cohen an expert in human energy connections and relationships. And before you get the wrong idea I am not a relationship counsellor, neither do I do talk therapy. What in fact we, as in myself and Joanne, my business partner and wife, are here to share with you, is our extensive expertise, knowledge and experience of how your body communicates on an energy level, and how your energy can affect and is affected by others.

We have so much still to reveal, so to discover more about the real you, then click on the ‘follow’ link. Oh, and don’t forget as this is a blog there is lots of opportunity to have your say, so post your comments, questions and curiosities.

Best Wishes

Michael & Joanne

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