The big almighty question – What is your energy?

I seem to have kicked up a storm, that is well beyond my original expectations,  when last week I uploaded a post The big almighty question – What is your energy?  on the healthypages forum. I was curious to see what other peoples perception was of this subject. The replies just keep on coming in, I think we are heading for a record!  And for the debates, well you will have to see for yourself.

The post read

Have you ever considered ‘What is your energy’?

We live in a society that has so many belief patterns and theories from the esoteric to quantum physics. Are there any facts out there or are they just interpretation and theories?

Question after question we may ask and debate. So is there any point in exasperating this subject and adding more theories into the cooking pot.

Although it is a still a matter of perception and experience maybe we should be looking at how we experience it. Maybe that is more tangible and and a question that can be answered.

I mean, how much thought or appreciation do we put into the use and the way we describe our ‘energy’ each and every day. Similarly is ‘Energy’ just a word that is used, misused and abused in various forms and manifestations without much thought or understanding.

So my question to you is how would you describe your energy at this precise moment in time?

To take part in this thought provoking topic click here.

Best wishes


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One thought on “The big almighty question – What is your energy?

  1. Travis says:

    Excellent article, thanks.

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