Step 2 – WIN A FREE Bioenergy Treatment Training Workshop

Win a Bioenergy Treatment Training WorkshopThank you for registering for the draw to ‘Win a Free Bioenergy Treatment Training Workshop‘ session. If someone has shared this link with you or you have not already registered, click here to register before the draw on Wednesday 8 February 2012.

To be entered into the draw on Wednesday 8 February to win a FREE Bioenergy Treatment Training Workshop please read the following post.

The Bio-energy Treatment Training Workshop is a learning environment that is conducive to you understanding not only about your own energy but that of other people. Each of you have a different understanding and perception of what that means. Similarly how your energy is currently flowing is based on how your body is currently wired. The implications of this has a major affect on how you affect or how you are affected by other people in your day-to-day lives.

As you will see in my post ‘My energy never stands still!’ your energy is something that fluctuates and changes on a moment by moment basis. One of the main influences is that of other people and their energy when they are in your environment.  You see there is nothing individual about your energy. One can say that you are made up of your own energy at the core, however other energies interact with the periphery of yours, and that is why you can be affected by others.

So the purpose of this post is to understand, that depending on how your own energy system is currently functioning, will have an affect on how it can affect or be affected by others. The  Bio Energy Treatment Training Workshop is my opportunity to share with you some invaluable primary tools for self treatment, and similarly for you to learn how you can share it with your friends and family, by doing treatment on them.

If you have read this post you will still have needed to have completed step 1 to be registered for the draw.  Step 2 to winning a FREE Bioenergy Treatment Workshop is about staying with the theme of sharing. In order to be entered into the draw go back to your Facebook page ‘Newsfeed’ and ‘share’ it before the midnight deadline on Tuesday 7  February. You see, sharing helps everyone, and maybe they too they can learn how to manage their own and other peoples energy.  It is more than good luck, its good energy. Maybe it will enable you to win!

If someone has shared this link with you or you have not already registered, click here now to register, as you will not receive  step 2 notification.

Rules – One entry per person. All participants must be over 18 years-old. The free Bioenergy Treatment Training Workshop cannot be exchanged for cash. Prize will be valid for 30 days.

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