Step 2 – ‘Win a Free Bioenergy Treatment’ draw on 29 February 2012

Win Free Bioenergy TreatmentThank you for registering for the final draw in this series to ‘Win a Free Bioenergy Treatment‘ session. If someone has shared this link with you or you have not already registered, click here now to register.

To be entered into the draw on Wednesday 29 February 2012 to win a FREE Bio Energy Treatment please read the following post.

Being that this is the final draw in this series it would be appropriate to talk about finality. Most people consider themselves as being in a certainn state of physical and/or mental wellbeing, primarily because that is how its been for a period of time. That length is variable  and the implications do vary, but are mainly to do with the way you become hotwired as the duration increases.

Everyone’s wiring is very individual to their current situation and this takes into account their life history to date. But, one thing for sure that is very evident from my own case study, and those of 10,000 clients clinic work, is that there is nothing permanent about what we think, know, or do. It is just about how our body is currently wired.

So for whatever period of time you have been in a certain way, do not fear that it is permanently engrained. Of course the longer the period the more work that needs to be done. This is where logic comes into it. There are lots of techniques our there to help. My professional expertise is working with Bioenergy Treatment and by working with an energy technique which means that clients can move forward without the need to deal with matters and issues on a cognitive level.

If someone has shared this link with you or you have not already registered, click here now to register, as we will be holding a final draw next week.

Step 2 to winning a FREE Bio-energy Treatment session. Go back to your Facebook page ‘Newsfeed’ and ‘like’ this story before the midnight deadline on Tuesday 28 February. You see, ‘like’ it shares it and sharing helps everyone – your energy, our energy, and just as easily help you to win a FREE Bioenergy treatment.  It is more than good luck its good energy. Maybe it will help you win!

Rules – One entry per person each week. Winners are excluded from entering the remaining draws. All participants must be over 18 years-old otherwise the parent/guardian must register on the persons behalf. The free treatment session cannot be exchanged for cash. Prize will be valid for 30 days. All prize winners names will be publicized.

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