A great review on Bioenergy Treatment.

Bioenergy Treatment reviewFirstly I would like to thank Michael for taking the time for my Bioenergy  Treatment, it was a wonderful and unexpected surprise.

The energy I felt throughout the session was wonderful and it was, for me, a confirmation of my own energy sensitivity as I knew exactly where Michael was working.

I have been working through a very intense period of grieving since losing my Mum suddenly last year, so this session could not of come at a better time, as I feel ‘almost’ ready to launch myself back into the ‘real world’

It was fantastic to have this session and to have Michael check in with my energy system and let me know how I am progressing.

His observations were amazingly accurate and thought provoking.

The session was relaxing and informal, yet powerful and intense at times. Afterwards I felt relaxed and grounded and energised, not in an ‘out of body way’ but in a very present way.

As Michael mentioned during the session I may experience some intense and vivid dreams, this was certainly true for me! the past few nights have been very eventful, to say the least! having said that, my energy levels are normal (a little higher than they were before the session, but I had really been struggling with my energy levels)

The following day I felt ‘sore’ especially my solar plexus, a bit like I’d done a long session at the gym and too many sit up’s.
But my energy levels were good and my mood was relaxed and optimistic.

I certainly feel like something has moved/shifted these past few days. The feeling of optimism is still present, it almost feels like there is a light at the end of a difficult and very challenging period in my life.

I visited a friend the day after the treatment and as I walked into her house she just said ‘wow you look all tanned and healthy, what’s happened?’ so if I need some confirmation of a change on a physical level, there it is!

Grief seems to suck the joy out of your face, leaving your pallor grey and your eyes heavy, but looking in the mirror today I see me! for the first time in a very long time.

So thank you again for this wonderful gift……and if there is anything else I can do in return please let me know.

With love and thanks


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