My energy never stands still! – Part 2

what changes your noteIn my last post we summarized so far ‘that if we are not so individual, that must mean our whole body’s frequency is affected by and can affect others. Just as importantly if our whole body’s frequency is so exposed then what about the individual cells. So we move on to look at what external stimuli can affect that of your body and vice versa. This leads us nicely into the blog title ‘yourenergyisdoingmyheadin’.


People…yep your friends, colleagues, fellow shoppers, acquaintances in fact every single person that is in your immediate environment are affecting your energy frequency and similarly you are affecting theirs. For example, have you ever experienced being on the train and felt like someone is staring at the back of your head; sat next to someone and they have made you feel uncomfortable; been next to a friend and they say something you are about to; women have you found your menstrual cycle syncing with a girlfriend; or met someone for the first time and felt an immediate connection.

I am sure you have at some point experienced one of these or similar ‘feelings’. Well these feeling are more than just feelings they are your interaction with other people on a bioelectromagnetic level, which we will discuss, in another post.

Meanwhile we need to look at the effect we have on each other. So here is an analogy that will help you to understand how porous we are and how your energy is affected or affects others. I want you to imagine for a moment that your world is a piece of blotting paper (the type of paper that when you drop ink onto it is spreads outwards). Over the centre of the blotting paper is a paint dropper that is slowing releasing red ink. The red ink is you.

Now depending on how your body is currently functioning (again this we will discuss in more detail in a separate post) will depend on how much red ink is covering the page. If we are functioning at a low level the red ink will be closer to the centre of the paper. If we are functioning to our full potential then the red ink will be verging towards the edge. Now imagine that every person that you come into contact with, have there own ink dropper, with his or her own colour ink.

Their ink dropper is similarly dropping their ink colour onto the outer edges of your blotting paper turning the outer region of your red ink into mixed colours. And it is this mix that is what we term ‘affecting others and affecting yours’. Now replace the coloured ink with energy, yours, theirs, everyone’s then we can begin to understand the affect.

Now if there are any graphic designers whom want to volunteer their time in putting together an animated image of this let me know, it would be very much appreciated.

Meanwhile, in my next posts we shall look at the effect of man-made devices, solar storms and lots more. Click on follow the post and do let me know your comments or questions…to be continued in part 3.

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One thought on “My energy never stands still! – Part 2

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