My energy never stands still! – Part 3

In the last post we talked about your energy interactions with other peoples energy using the analogy of ink droppers and blotting paper. Now we need to move onto the subject of man-made devices and how they can affect a person’s energy. So as we discovered in my post ‘What is your energy?‘ your body is made of frequencies. The human body functions within a range of frequencies on the EM spectrum alongside other frequencies including those of electrical devices.

When I last studied an Electromagnetic Spectrum Chart it quite clearly separates each type of frequency into its own bandwidth. What we need to consider is the crossover from one device to another, and to that of the human body.

We know that many electromagnetic devices have to be kept and used outside a range of other devices, as they can have an affect on each others frequency. Examples of this are mobile phones and their use in an aeroplane and hospitals. These are considered as posing life threatening risks if they affect medical devices.

So if a device can affect another, similarly can a device affect the human body frequency?

Do you remember analogue televisions and FM radios i.e. the ones with aerials? You will recall that if you stand too close to them, then it caused interference to the sound and/or the picture. Well if your body can cause an effect to the radio waves of the device then we know through the study of physics then equally the affect can be reversed. Thereby it raises an important question what affect does it have on the human body. In this post I am not going to discuss the possible health affects to the human body, but we will discuss this subject in full in a separate post, so click on follow to be notified.

At this point I need your help by way of feeding back to me your experiences of electrical devices that affect you and those that you affect.

To summarize what we have established in Parts 1-3 of this post and the post on ‘What is your energy?’  1. The human body is made of cells of which have individual frequencies .2. Your body has an overall frequency. 3. There is no protective membrane around each cell that insulates that cell from other cell frequencies. 4. Your whole body frequency similarly does not have an insulated membrane that protects your body. 5. Your frequency is affected by and can affect other people’s frequency. 6. That man-made devices can affect your frequency.

It would be fair to say that you are made up of your own cellular frequencies which is influenced by 1. the energy of other people in your environment 2. Electromagnetic devices that are similarly in your environment.

So how individual do you now feel. Well it is an interesting and logical thought provoking subject. In Part 4 we shall end this post by looking into geophysics and the affect of the energy of the Earth on the human body…to be continued in Part 4.

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One thought on “My energy never stands still! – Part 3

  1. Kori Antenor says:

    Awsome article and straight to the point. Thanks 🙂

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