My energy never stands still! – Part 4

In the last post we summarized that your body’s frequency is affected by and can affect other people’s frequency and similarly that man-made devices can affect it too.

We now need to consider another influence and that is of The Earth’s Geomagnetic Field. Briefly explained, the spinning core of molten iron miles beneath the surface of the Earth creates a dipole magnetic field, much like a bar magnet. However, the energy of the sun distorts and perturbs this simple field into a unique structure, the magnetosphere. The magnetosphere shades the earth from deadly ionising radiation (such as x-rays) and other high-energy radiation, by absorbing them or diverting them around the Earth. Thanks to the magnetosphere we are able to live on a small-protected planet in a hostile universe filled with enormous forces.

The magnetic field is constantly changing as the earth rotates. The daily rise and fall in the strength of this field causes biological rhythms, magnetic and solar storms. These can impinge on the magnetosphere and cause great magnetic-field disturbances to: electric transmission, telephone lines, radio and television signals, causing their breakdown.

The question of whether living systems are sensitive to the earth’s magnetic field has been bitterly controversial for more than a century. There are now a number of plausible and well-documented mechanisms for such interactions, and abundant evidence that they take place. In particular Robert O Becker M.D., pioneering researcher in the field of biological electricity, has shown how geomagnetic entrainment of the brain waves can affect the entire nervous system at a very high level of control (i.e. the perineural DC systems that extends throughout the body and has roles in regulating injury repair). This can have an effect on the human biological system and human behaviour.

We can therefore conclude that in Parts 1-3 of this post and the post on ‘What is your energy?’  1. The human body is made of cells of which have individual frequencies .2. Your body has an overall frequency. 3. There is no protective membrane around each cell that insulates that cell from other cell frequencies. 4. Your whole body frequency similarly does not have an insulated membrane that protects your body. 5. Your frequency is affected by and can affect other people’s frequency. 6. That man-made devices can affect your frequency. 7. The influences of the Earth’s Geomagnetic Field.

Combined together this makes you whom you are. An interconnected, ever evolving, ever changing sensitive person that is connected to all and everything; that can be affect and be affected by other energies or people in your environment.

This may be a new perspective and some of you may experience the negative sides of being hypersensitive but it’s all very real and tangible. In a separate post I will shortly be discussing how you can rewire your body in order to make sure that you can function to your full potential and not be susceptible to the effects of other energies or people.

I hope you have gained something from this post. Please post your comments and questions below.

Best wishes


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  1. Anonymous says:

    I love your blog! Thanks for this post!

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