Anxiety – Why am I so wired? – Part 3 ‘The Science’

Anxiety - Why am I so wired In part 2 we talked about computers; the need to spring clean them and the chaos. In this post we are going to look a bit deeper into the subject of storage of information and how your body manifests your symptoms as anxiety, panic attacks negative thoughts or irrationality.

It is estimated that there are at least 80-120 billion neurons in the human brain. Wow!! That’s more than 10 times the population of this planet, all within the small area of your brain. Can you imagine if just 0.01% of those people are trying to communicate at the same time as each other, that would mean 10 million people trying to converse inside your head in one go.

Well, that is exactly what it is like for your brain trying to relay messages from neuron to neuron, and around your brain it goes. Not only does it have to receive it; it has to store it; compute the information; and recall it with 100% clarity. No wonder it feels like you have got a few loose wires.

Exactly, for every neuron to send the message to the correct recipient neuron it has to release a neurotransmitter to then cause a further chemical reaction that stimulates the recipient neuron. Well common sense tells you, that it doesn’t take much to cause disruptions with so many 000’s of optional routes.

Now as I mentioned before it is all about chemical reactions, in particular those of neurotransmitters. These include serotonin and dopamine amongst an array of others. Now if there is not the correct levels of chemical ions or neurotransmitters i.e. a deficiency or excess in any of the neurons, it means that the neuron cannot stimulate the correct recipient neuron and relay the message.

This causes a breakdown of information. It can cause processing, storage and recall problems, and these all affect how you handle information and experiences. It is for these reasons why your mind and body will react in a certain way to a stimulus. Purely because the neurons are not firing correctly and are causing a reaction which can bring chaos that manifests itself as: anxiety, a panic attack, negative thoughts, irrationality amongst many other symptoms.

So we can say dependant on ‘how your brain is currently wired’ will produce an outcome to a particular stimuli or experience. Interesting?

In my next post we will look at how this breakdown in communication can affect you on a physical level…to be continued in part 4.


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