Can I really re-wire my Brain? – Part 1

re-wire your brainThis is the big question ‘Can I really re-wire my brain?

In many of my other posts I have asked this question, so now is the time to discus the subject of rewiring the brain.

Here we go…

Have you experienced being in a certain mind set,  persona, or a way of being for a period of time? Do you recall what it was like before it kicked in? Well for some of you, it was along time ago, and for others it has been far less. But there was life before. Right! On that basis, we can say there is nothing permanent about where you are, what you think, or what you know; it is just how your brain is currently wired.

In my post Anxiety – Why am I so wired – Part 3 ‘The Science’ I delved into the science of chemical reaction in our brains and our body and neuron connections. For a moment, what I would like to ask you to do, is close your eyes. I want you to picture your brain like an old fashioned telephone exchange, with hundreds of thousands of cables. Somehow, all organised in such a way, that the exchange operators are able to connect every call.

Then a new member of staff, comes along and gets into a pickle, and all of a sudden a few of those cables get crossed, and Mrs Jones is no longer speaking to her son but the fishmonger who wants his delivery of salmon. Now until a supervisor comes along to fix this re-routing, there is going to be a bit of chaos. Not to all communications, but to selected.

Well, your brain isn’t any different. It requires every neuron to be able to relay a message to the next. But for one reason or another, certain neurons aren’t able to, as there is a deficiency or excess of a certain chemical ion or neurotransmitter. So similarly for a while your brain is not able to relay the right messages, store and retrieve information in the right way.  This leads to chaos on a mind and physical level.

Now the key factor is, none of the cables or more specifically the neurons have been cut, unless you have had surgery and that is something I will discuss in a separate post. Therefore there is nothing permanent about this re-routing. So maybe the brain can be re-wired…to be continued in part 2.

Do you feel your brain needs rewiring? Post your comments below and lets get a conversation going. If you want to send a private message then please email me at

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4 thoughts on “Can I really re-wire my Brain? – Part 1

  1. Anonymous says:

    Anxiousness could be the body’s a reaction to a predicament exactly where there can be threat. Despite what is generally imagined, these kind of anxiety signs or symptoms can in fact be of assistance …

    • Hi Anonymous.

      Anxiety is your bodies reaction to how your brain is currently wired. Yes you need to be aware of a threat but the reaction should not manifest itself as anxiety. Instead it should trigger a reaction in a persons body that still enables them to deal with the threat in a controlled and logical way.

      Best wishes


  2. Debbie says:

    I am living evidence of brain re-wiring – In the last year, since turning 40 funnily enough, I have totally turned my life around for the better. After years (well most of my life) of not really feeling in my body, and spending a few years practically dissecting how I could ‘find myself’ through building positive belief systems, taking control of the food I eat, being aware of my energy levels and learning what energy to pass on, and what energy to retain – I have I believe totally rewired my thinking. The above is obviously incredibly brief – I could go on forever about the positive changes which have been made – but I ‘know’ we, human beings, have the capacity and unique ability to retune our thinking patterns! Now I feel I’m living in this world, and boy what an amazing place it is!!

    • Hi Debbie

      That’s great to hear. Living proof is the best advert. It sounds like you have been through a lot over the 2 years dissecting… The key is you have achieved your goal and that’s great.

      For other readers, I will reveal in my coming posts about how you too can rewire your brain and body. The good news is that you may not have to dissect it like Debbie did. This will definitely be less challenging, however it still needs work, as does everything. Just like Debbie you too can make this giant step forward!

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