Can I really re-wire my Brain? – Part 2

Can I rewire my brainIn part 1 we ended the post by saying ‘that possibly the brain can be rewired’. In this post we will look at whether there is anything permanent about what we think, know or do.

Everything that we think, debate, giggle and argue about is a matter of how information is stored in our brain, and ultimately how we perceive it. Which immediately brings us back to how our brain is currently wired.

I am sure that it doesn’t take a brain surgeon to tell us that at different stages in our lives, a strong thought becomes a weak thought. Just as easily an important issue troubles us and then it is forgotten about. Similarly, that thoughts travel between our conscious and sub-conscious mind, and don’t we know how to bury them or lock them away!!

We also know that our likes and dislikes continually change, therefore, it is very easy to start appreciating that there is nothing permanent about what we think, know or do; which brings us back to it just being about how our brain is currently wired.

Now, I can already hear your voices, as I am blogging away. If only it was as easy as that ‘or’ I’ve had these thoughts for years ‘or’ what does he know he doesn’t live inside my head. Your right I do not know what it is like to be inside your head. But what I can say, is that I know from my own personal case history, as well as undertaking 10,000 hours of clinic work, that I have seen clients literally wake up one day or go to action something and their perception has just shifted.

As I try to explain to my clients it’s not about erasing the past. It’s about rewiring the brain and how we store the information. What I mean is that we don’t forget about something or whether it happened, but how we perceive it. It’s as if we can neutralise it i.e. we can loose the emotional attachments to a thought as if the words are empty. Just plain words which are just letters rather than experiences. Its like putting that word, thing, experience into neutral.

For example I like rock and indie music, my wife likes the ballet and the rock. However in the past if we were to discuss whether to go to a rock concert or a ballet I would have said absolutely ‘no way’ to the ballet. This doesn’t do much for the marriage, but just importantly it was going to be a win or loose situation.  However ask me the question now, having rewired my brain, I can quite happily say I will go to both the ballet or the rock concert. What has transpired is my emotions are neutralized, plus the bonus of it being a win win situation.

This nicely brings us onto the matter of who’s right and who’s wrong. You see we live in a society where virtually everything we do involves an interaction with another person in one form or another. Therefore, everything involves more than one person’s opinion, thought or emotion. Therefore in our day we have 101 decisions to make, weighing up all the positives and negatives before we eventually decide which way to turn.

So here is the thought I would like to leave you with. If by re-wiring the brain you can neutralize say 70% of those thoughts how much quieter would your mind be? Let me know how your thoughts affect you. Do they sit well with you, do they overpower you, or are you just plain stuck?

In part 3 we will move towards the process of how you can rewire your brain.

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