Headaches – I just want to rip my hair out?

Headaches - I just want to rip my hair outAll types of headaches are the bodies way of telling you that your bio-electromagnetic circuitry is out of balance i.e. there is a blockage. They can range from dull aches to hair-wrenching cluster headaches. A lot of people will take over the counter pain relief but research shows that this form of pain relief only brings temporary relief as it suppresses the pain rather than treating the root cause. Plus extensive research show that there are many side affects as well as addiction issues.

In order for your body to function effectively and preventively it requires full communication on a bio-electromagnetic (BE) level in order for each cell, tissue or organ to function effectively along with that of the mind. Therefore all symptoms are symbolic of blockages in your BE circuitry system. If a clients body is not functioning effectively on a BE level then various synthetic and man-made technologies will affect their hyper-sensitivity to them.

When it comes to computers and radio waves this is known as electro-hypersensitivity (EHS). Consumption of non-organic food, petro-chemical manufactured packaging  and artificial ingredients creates chemical overloads. Combined that have an affect on the hypersensitivity of the body, its ability to detox, repair and function and in turn can be the underlying cause of headaches. This can then lead to further physical and emotional symptoms due to them being in pain causing them to hold their posture in a tense and unnatural way which then causes musculoskeletal problems.

It is not the headache that requires treatment. It is the client and how their symptoms that manifest in their body. The headache isn’t the problem, it is simply a physical signpost to say ‘STOP, take some action, there is something not right!’ However because most people try to ignore it, live with it or suppress it, it continues day-in day-out until your body says ‘You are not getting out of bed today’.

In order for a person to start to look after their body’s system then they need to look for a treatment that can access their body’s’ bioelectromagnetic circuitry to release the blockages in the order that that person requires rather than just treating the symptom. This can release the memory patterns on both cellular level i.e. bring back communication on a neurological level (nerve) and muscular levels (relaxing the tense muscles). As well as the memory patterns on a mind level this can lead to total relief to the client on a long-term basis.

Working with their body’s’ bioelectromagnetic circuitry will give their body a major overhaul and service due to a life time of use, abuse, misuse, disuse of their body. Then they need to learn that technique so that they can work on themselves and family and friends rather than relying on a practitioner to treat them.


For more details about overcoming headaches with RaphaYad Bioenergy Treatment click here.

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    You are a very bright individual!

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