Another Happy Customer!!

Bioenergy Treatment review“Thank you so much Joanne.

I loved the session [RaphaYad Bioenergy Treatment] I had with you and have noticed a huge difference in myself since. I had lots of energy when I got home on Monday and couldn’t sleep so I ended up playing the piano till 2am!! Hehe 🙂 I know you said not to go overboard but I was so bored of trying to get to sleep. Then when I finally went to sleep I had a very colourful dream in a jungle. The next day I woke up not tired at all and I taught 17 people and by the end of it was absolutely fine where as normally I’m shattered.
I saw my reiki teacher and very good friend last night and he said ‘oh, there’s a change in your left kidney and fallopian tube, its working differently and he went on to tell me how ever since he’d known me (which is 13 years) he’d noticed that my left kidney wasn’t working as well as the right kidney and also my left fallopian tube. I knew about the kidney as he’d said to me before but not about the fallopian tube, anyway he said that its working more evenly now with the other one and there’s not that block there”

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