Quick Fix Tips – Energy Technique No. 1

Quick fix exercise to calm your energy The following Bio Energy treatment technique is great for calming  your body’s system down if you are anxious, stressed or panicked.

It is important to note that this technique is very dynamic and can really help you. However in order for you to really experience it to the full potential you need to stay relaxed throughout. Try not to focus too hard to feel the energy in the first place. It will come naturally when you are ready and in a lot of cases when you least expect it.

So here we go…

Technique to calm your energy

Place your right hand over your 3rd energy centre (also known as chakra) which is centrally located just above your belly button and your left hand over the pubic bone. This will start to calm your energy. After a couple of minutes lower the right hand so that it is centrally located just below your belly button. Keep your left hand in place. If you are left handed follow the above instructions using the opposite hands. This technique is especially good for overcoming stress, headaches, anxiety or if you need to just calm your system down.

Please feed back your comments and questions and i can respond and help accordingly.

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