What makes your Energy buzz? – Part 1

‘Energy’ is a word that is used, misused and abused in various forms and manifestations. We may describe how our energy feels at a moment in time as being light or refreshing, heavy or sludgy amongst many an adjective. Similarly how you experience it when you feel your fuel tank running on almost empty or on other occasions your energy being drained from you.

The word ‘energy’ is used so freely, without a second thought as to what it truly is, what it stands for and similarly its value. ‘I’ve got good energy today’ ‘My energy is really feeling low’ ‘The energy from being inside that office is really getting to me’ ‘His energy is just doing my head in’. These are just some of our everyday experiences and usage of the word energy.

But what we can discover is that ‘energy’ is not just a word. It is something that flows in and around us. So is it cosmic, esoteric, spiritual, universal or the like?  Well energy can’t be nailed down and categorized in a specific way or form. Such thoughts and beliefs are not to be dismissed. However what we can do is delve a bit deeper and discover from a Biophysics’ perspective some very revealing aspects as we begin to theorize what it really is… to be continued in part 2.

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