Quick Fix Tips – Breathing Techniques Part 2

Breathing Technique

Breathing Check

Do you reverse breathe?? Many people reverse breathe without realising and without causing a problem. However, others may struggle when under physical strain, physical exercise, stress or anxiety. In order to check whether you do, you will need to complete the following Breath Test.

Breathe Test

Place your hand over your stomach. Take a deep long breathe in and out through nose, keeping the mouth closed. Make sure that the in and out breathes are the same length. Observe whether you hand moves in or out with the in breath and the out breathe.

Correct breathing is when the stomach expands moving the hand out with the in breath and deflating moving the hand inwards when you breathe out.

the hypersensitivity expert's breathing exerciseReverse Breathing is the opposite i.e. if your hand moves inwards on the in breath and outwards on the out breathe.

The simple logic behind correct breathing is that you should be inflating the stomach like a balloon when breathing in and deflating the balloon when breathing out. If you reverse breathe it means that you are trying to fill up something that is deflating. This is particularly important for those persons who suffer from pressure, stress and anxiety this will really affect their coping mechanism.

In the remaining series of Quick Fix Tips for Breathing we will take you through the technique to correct your reverse breathing. PLUS we have 5 beginners and advanced breathing techniques that are totally invigorating and calming.

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