What makes your Energy buzz? – Part 2

Let us start with a common thought about your energy, say “My energy feels really low today”. My immediate question to you is “What do you mean by low?” You may say “drab, heavy, slow, mushy, treacle like” amongst others. So lets agree upon ‘treacle’. What is ‘treacle’ and how do you go about describing it. Well, that is down to your perception, which is based on the heavy sticky feeling of treacle syrup on one level and on another the memory patterns from past experiences of feeling something similar, but that is something that I will come back to later on.

So is that it, does energy = treacle? Well sort of. You see apart from feeling ‘treacle’ if you ask yourself the same question on another occasion it can feel different or similar but rarely identical. Let’s us discover more!

So what is ‘treacle’ or any other sensation that you use to describe that feeling? In order for us to understand it further we need to consider what is causing this sensation that we call ‘treacle’. For a moment I need to get a bit sciency, however there is a good reason and more importantly there are revelations to come, so bear with me, it is only a few short paragraphs!

Biophysics helps us to understand that the human body is principally made up of cells and the extracellular spaces around them, and they contain charged atoms, molecules and other matter. On a day-to-day basis you can appreciate this,  as you know that if you touch a live wire you will get an electric shock and similarly if you go into hospital you can be wired up to an ECG device to have your heart electricity measured.

If you really want to understand more visit this link, which explains how with nanotechnology devices can measure such voltages across cell membranes as well as the voltage within the cell.

So these examples help us to understand that human electricity ‘travels’ and can be ‘measured’. In the human body this energy (electricity) is called bio-electromagnetism [bio- as in living, -electro as in electricity and -magnetism as is the bio product of an electrical current].

Well on a cell-to-cell level it is no different.  Although each cell may have a membrane (sheath) it does not insulate the charge inside. What we therefore find is that the cell has an electrical charge in and around it, and it is this charge that allows it to communicate with its neighbour. A little bit like a cellular phone network and the way they send signals. Each phone forming part of a large network or circuit.

In my next post I will discuss with you the significance of such communications to your ‘treacle’ sensation. I am sure there will be some of you who have many a question, so here is your opportunity to share your thoughts and post a reply

… to be continued in Part 3.

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2 thoughts on “What makes your Energy buzz? – Part 2

  1. tasnim says:

    Interesting. Tried to go to the link which explains how with nanotechnology devices can measure such voltages across cell membranes as well as the voltage within the cell.and this was what I got

    Page Not Found

    Your comments please

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