What makes your Energy buzz? – Part 3

what is your energySo what is the significance of cell-to-cell communication and you feeling like ‘treacle’? I suppose what I am saying is that if you consider your whole body as this network where every cell communicates with its neighbour, then all the frequencies from each of the cells when combined together produce an overall frequency. Thereby at that moment in time that frequency is what you describe as ‘treacle’.

So do you feel ‘treacle’ every day? Well I hope not. So if you are fortunate enough like the majority of people reading this blog that don’t feel like ‘treacle’ every day then why is that so? And how comes it can change from one day to another or hour-to-hour or even moment-by-moment.

This is where it gets more interesting…

For a moment I want you to imagine you energy system has a spectrum of frequencies just like the range of notes on a piano. You know that at the right end of the keyboard are the high-pitched notes and at the left end are the deep heavy notes. From one end of the keyboard to the other are 88 different notes each playing a different frequency.

Well depending on how your body is wired at that moment in time is the equivalent of the note you play on the keyboard. Like the heaviness of a deep note that is equivalent to your treacle although way to a high pitched note that you relate to another sensation at that moment in time.

I am going to move onto the subject of what causes the change in note or in fact frequency under a new category ‘What changes your note’. I would be really interested in your thoughts so please post your comments below.

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