Chronic Fatigue 2


What is chronic fatigue

Does chronic fatigue exist?

Chronic Fatigue and all the variants of illnesses I have listed in the previous post do not exist. The symptoms do, but not the illness for the following reasons:

  1. No two symptoms are the same and neither are two patients.
  2. There are so many labels for illnesses that could incorporate an element of chronic fatigue.
  3. The underlying cause or trigger to the chronic fatigue symptom is individual from patient to patient.
  4. Everyone’s perception of their symptoms is different and similarly their perception can be influenced by what they read and hear.
  5. Labelling an illness only enables medics and doctors to categorise a group of people whom have similar, but not the same symptoms.
  6. Labelling only enables patients to receive standardised treatment and medication. However, as each patient is individual and likewise are their symptoms this is why only a percentage of patients will gain a positive reaction to treatment.
  7. There is no specific medical diagnostic device for chronic fatigue.

In my next posts we will look at the chronic fatigue symptom and try to understand what exactly is going on in the body and how it connects to hypersensitivity. [to be continued]

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