Hypersensitivity – Can’t stand it anymore! – Part 1

What is Hypersensitivity
Are you hypersensitive to your energy?
Well the good news is hyper-sensitivity is not a disease, nor an illness. It is a measurement on your body’s sensitivity scale that is in the category of undesirable reactions in your body and mind. Your current sensitivity is based on how your body is currently wired i.e. life experiences to date, in combination with your current reaction to external stimuli.
However when you are in the hypersensitivity range on the scale, your body, mind and energy system cannot function effectively as your system is out of synch, and therefore more vulnerable to being affected or influenced by outside stimuli.

Today, most people live and work in high density and populated cities. Existing in such close proximately put huge demands on your energy system. Plus your swimming in a sea of man-made energies as well as a concoction of man-made products and pollution that your body has to: ingest, breathe and absorb. Your exposure and susceptibility to them is harder to detect as most are invisible and have no smells. Most importantly scientific research doesn’t take into account their combined effect on the human body.

Their combined effect on your body can be quantified with the heightened levels of hyper-sensitivities, intolerances and allergic reactions to man-made technologies with the unprecedented high level of: illness, disease and susceptibility to injury.

In response to this your body being hypersensitive can go into overdrive, your immune system becomes compromised; your coping mechanism and ability to adapt become less resilient. For some people, that can include a range of symptoms on varying levels including – emotional, psychological, energetic, physiological and behavioural.

OK, lets take a deep breath for a moment and not get into a panic. Follow this post and we will discover more about hypersensitivity and how we can adapt to the environment that we live and work in…to be continued in part 2.

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