Part 5 of 6 – RaphaYad Bioenergy Treatment Techniques

The fifth in a series of six videos sees Michael Cohen, Founder of RaphaYad Bioenergy Treatment, discusses distance treatment with clients. He goes in to detail about how he manipulates energy over the phone or skype, no matter where someone is located in the World.

For full details of the work visit To watch the next part of the interview click on the subscribe link.

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2 thoughts on “Part 5 of 6 – RaphaYad Bioenergy Treatment Techniques

  1. kitty says:

    How many treatments would you have to have if you suffererd from psychological conditions such as lack of confidence in life? Typically from previous clients how many sessions have they had?

    • Hi Kitty

      The question of how many session will I need often comes up. I have to say there isn’t a typical quantity because as I hope you will appreciate everyone’s symptoms and reasons for coming for treatment is different. We have dealt with a large quantity of clients with confidence issues however there is no set pattern.

      This is important aspect to the way we treat clients as it is important not to label, box them up and categories them with the same treatment, when in fact they are all individual and therefore need individual treatment. With this approach clients are able to make a more heightened level of result to treatment.

      The other thing also to bear in mind that each client needs to work at the pace that is appropriate to them.

      If you have any further questions please do post them.

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