Chronic Fatigue 4

What is chronic fatigue


How was the experiment? What did you feel?

What we are talking about is electromagnetism i.e. the vibration or frequency that every electrical device outputs. So what has this got to do with chronic fatigue?

In fact a lot. But give me a minute to explain some basics.

Every electrical device has a different output depending on its fixed frequency so it will give off the same vibration each time you touch it. However there are variable frequency devices like that of the Tens Machine that some women use through labour. With this device you can change the frequency and the person using the device will feel the difference as you adjust it along its range.

The human body is no different except it produces an output known as bio-electromagnetism and just like the Tens Machine it has a variable output. What I am saying is that depending on how your body is currently functioning the vibration or frequency will change. The body has a number of frequencies and one of which is what you experience when you are experiencing one or more of your symptoms. And it is because of our analytical minds that cause our memory patterns to re-attach the same interpretation / label when we experience that same frequency again. Disregard the memory pattern and it is just a frequency that you feel which doesn’t have to be experienced as an illness or symptoms, but just a vibration.

I hope I haven’t dazzled you minds to much, however, it does help us to understand what we feel and how memory patterns allow our perception to categorize the vibration with previous occurrences rather than experiencing it for what it is – ‘just a vibration’.

In my next post we will conclude on this subject and we can look at overcoming Chronic Fatigue.  [to be continued]

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