Quick Fix Tips – Electrosensitivity 2

electrosenstivityBeing electrosensitive can affect you in your work place. However depending whether you are the boss or just a member of staff may determine what you can do about it. Similarly depending on whether you work in a large open-plan office or a small private office will make a difference.

So here we go!First thing first lets look at logic.

  1. Switch your mobile phone off when you don’t need it. If you have a no personal mobile policy in the office you may as well switch it off.
  2. Electrical devices that you do not constantly use switch off. These items may include scanners, photocopiers and re-chargers.
  3. If you are desk bound and looking at a computer screen then you need to take regular breaks. If only momentarily it will help. Use your entitlement of coffee and lunch breaks to get out of the office. Get some fresh air.
  4. Speak to your boss. Don’t be worried, they may just as equally be aware.
  5. If you feel wired click on this link to breathing techniques.

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