Hypersensitivity – Can’t stand it anymore! – Part 3

I said in my last post that we need to look at logic as far as hyper-sensitivities are concerned. So here we go.

Logic 1 – Current functioning: You have experienced a lifetimes worth of experiences, issues, trauma’s accidents on top of the general use, abuse, misuse, disuse of your physical body. This in turn has put stresses on the body, caused blockages on all levels, disrupted communication and reduced your body’s ability to function heal and repair in the way it should.

Logic 1 tells us that it is no surprise that our bodies are functioning at a lower percentage of our full potential, due to our general lack of ability to continually service and maintain it.

Logic 2 – The affect: You affect and you are affected by other people’s energy that are within your environment. When you interact with other people or they come into proximity to you, they influence your body’s bioelectromagnetic field as well as you influencing there’s. So just like a piece of blotting paper, your distinct colour on the centre of it, is no longer distinct as the outer edges merge with their colours, as they come within your environment. However depending on how your body systems are functioning will determine how dominant your colour is on the blotting paper. For full details read this post.

Logic 2 enables us to consider how individual you are and how we affect and are affected by others.

Logic 3 – Man-Made Devices: Man-made radio waves and other emitting electromagnetic waves and fields interact with your body and ultimately your mind, energy system and cells in your body.

A brief biophysics lesson – The human body is made of cells and each cell has a frequency in order for it to communicate with its neighbour. This is where all the problems start as in the case of older analogue televisions and radios with aerials. What happened when you got to close to it? You distorted the signal i.e. the sound or the picture.

So logic 3 says if you cause an affect on the frequency of the radio or tv then naturally it must cause an affect on you. Therefore we can start to appreciate that if these man-made technologies vibrate at frequencies that are in the range of those of human cells how many others affects us too.

Logic 4 The Sponge affect: Your body is like a sponge. It ingests, absorbs and breathes. Therefore it is reasonable and even necessary to question what you coat/apply to your body, what you breathe in the air and what you swallow when you eat and drink.

Logic 4 tells us that if what you ingest, absorb or breathe is un-natural, polluted, or chemical based then your body’s immune, healing, repair and detoxifying systems have to go into overdrive. Thereby affecting their ability to function effectively and efficiently; let alone the negative affects on your body’s your energy levels.

To summaries, all 4 logics tells us a lot about how our body is affected by, how it functions, and how it can have a knock on affect. This affects the overall wiring and fine-tuning of your body to function, heal and repair in an enhanced way. Which when compromised will affect the homoeostasis of the body and bring about a level of hypersensitivity to the environment that you live and work in which finally results and manifests itself as symptoms.

It is logical to state that when you take into account of how poorly you generally service and maintain your bodies over a lifetime, then it is no surprise that you have blockages and a breakdown in connectivity and communication. Therefore if your body is not functioning effectively it is more vulnerable to everything you absorb, ingest and breathe that come from an unnatural, inorganic or man-made source…and round we go…

In my mind logic always serves us well.  Do you have questions? Have you experienced hypersensitivity? Let us know about your experiences by commenting below.

In part 4 of this post we will conclude on this post by looking for the solution…to be continued in Part 4.

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