Quick Fix Tips – Electrosensitivity 3

ElectrosensitivityChildren! teenagers! They want to be literally wired to every form of technology 24/7 . I have 2 older teens and a 13 year old who seems to have come of age. So what can you do to protect children for becoming electrosensitive or just being wired and hyperactive?

Well whilst they are under your roof to a certain degree you have a bit of ammunition. But they do try to wear you down.

So here’s a few tips.

  1. Try to have wired broadband rather than wireless. At least with wired there aren’t the same level of frequencies zapping around your home. It’s hard, I have been resisting for 5 years and I am currently feeling very battered on this one.
  2. Try and encourage the kids not to have their mobile phone in their pockets, and put them down when at home.
  3. Switch their mobile off when they go to sleep. I mean who wants to be woken at 3am anyway.
  4. Switch off appliances. Yeh I know its like hitting your head against the wall. But do they really need their hair straighteners, tongs, ipod, psp, mobile phone charger, tv, radio, computer all on at the same time.  Let alone the electricity bill.

Talk as logical to them as is possible. Its worth persevering. It’s hard work but then who said parenthood isn’t.

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