Hypersensitivity – Can’t stand it anymore! – Part 4


Happy New Year to you all. Feeling inspired or do you need to be?

Well for those of you who experience hypersensitivity I am sure you can do with some inspiration so here we go!

In Part 3 we discussed logic. Logic plays a very important part in fine tuning your hypersensitivities from being debilitating symptoms to tools that can enhance your life. You may say oh yeah, what does he know? Well  I can, for the very reason that for so many years of my life my hyper-sensitivities disrupted my life, caused agonising pain and discomforts, played games with my mind and alienated me from everyday society and the environment that I lived in.

Anyway that’s my life, and it is  different to yours. However, there is a common factor that affects everyone whom experiences hypersensitives,  and that is, that they spend their lives walking a narrow fence, and they find it easy to get knocked off. Yes, and sometimes it is a long drop.  What I have found with my 10 years of treating clients with hypersensitivity as well as self treatment at my Bioenergy Treatment Clinic, is that there is nothing permanent and that your experience of hypersensitivity is based on how your brain and body is currently wired.

The best analogy is to that of an analogue radio with a poor radio signal. It is impossible to hear the music without interference. When we consider the body and the way electrical signals transport information around the body, then when there is interference due to blockages and breakdown in communication, it means that your body cannot function effectively and has to adapt. This is on a mind as well as on a physical level.

Take your computer and the way you store documents in folders. What happens when a file is in the wrong folder or not linked to another file or maybe it is corrupt. Well that is no different to how the brain stores information. It needs order, and if it is fragmented then there is a breakdown in communication.

In part 5, I will move forward with discussing what this breakdown of communication is and how it can be rectified.

Meanwhile, I need to hear about your experiences of hypersensitivities, and how it affects you. So please post your comments below.

…to be continued in Part 5.

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2 thoughts on “Hypersensitivity – Can’t stand it anymore! – Part 4

  1. maria says:

    I have found myself in a lot of ways hypersensitive. While this can have quite some positive sides, here are some negatives as well: I can quickly feel the negative energies in a room or group irrespective of whether there is any of it directed to me or that is wholely among other people. I pick up quickly those signals and this makes me tired depleting my own energy. I am convinced that I am more sensitive to EMF radiation that most people. My first contact with a mobile phone years ago made me very sick, for example. My hypersensitivity makes me also too self-conscious. This can lead to insufficient self-confidence, I guess, and a feeling of great vulnerability as a minimum. The latter can lead to a tendency for isolation. …These are to list a few.

    • Hi Maria

      You sound like how I was when my hyper-sensitivity was out of control some years back. It is important for you to understand that there is nothing permanent about where you are. It may feel like that sometimes, but you have to remind yourself that your hyper-sensitivity is based on how your brain and body is currently wired. One thing for sure is you can’t lock yourself away, particularly to EMF’s. They are here to stay and are everywhere. Don’t panic, instead what you need to do is look at your body’s own internal wiring. What I mean is that it needs some fine tuning so you are not so reactive. This way you retain your sensitivity, as it is good to be aware of your environment, however without your body reacting in a way that you experience debilitating symptoms.

      I know how it can feel very isolating. Yep, and no one else knows what it is like to be inside your brain or your body either. Even me who has been through it myself. However what I can say is, this is your opportunity to move forward to be the more evolved and complete Maria. If you want to know more about how I was able to turn around my debilitating symptoms and fine tune my sensitivities visit my clinic website http://www.bioenergytreatment.co.uk.

      Meanwhile please feel free to post any further comments or questions.

      Take care.


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