Quick Fix Tips – Electrosensitivity 4

electrosensitivity solution

Paranoia kills, logic doesn’t!

Every direction you turn you are surrounding by invisible forces known as broadband, Bluetooth, 3G and other radio waves. However remote you are you cannot escape from it, so how do you live with it?

Logical solutions at there finest:

  1. Stop fitting it! Your mind is so powerful it will make you ill.
  2. Hold back from investing in additional technology, particularly wireless in your home or work where possible.
  3. Carry out a periodic check in your home or survey in your business to determine whether a device is still needed or whether it is used infrequently. If it is not remove it, store it, or switch it off.
  4. Consider how much time you sit in front of your television, computer or tablet.  You need breathing space. They drain you, they take over your life, they turning you in to zombies. Beware they are out to get you!
  5. Find strength for change.
  6. Technology doesn’t have to be a drug, there are healthy options. Explore, experiment, invigorate and stimulate  :>)
  7. Consider how your body is functioning to determine how effectively it is functioning and most importantly how preventively to electro sensitivity.
  8. Life doesn’t always have to be walking a tightrope, by fine tuning your body’s system the less vulnerable you will be to electro-sensitivity and the more you can enjoy life and the environment that you live and work in..

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