Standards of Excellence – Part 2

Article first published in CAM Magazine


A weekend is too short

Having been a RaphaYad Bioenergy Treatment teacher for as many years, one thing that has stood out to me from all the students I have worked with, and other practitioners I have met on the way, is that anyone can learn a new skill, but not many can put it into practical use, to develop a successful practice of their own.

For this reason I held back from undertaking practitioner training for many years. I was also flabbergasted by how easy it was to become a complementary practitioner. You can look through many advertisements and find courses that qualify you as a practitioner after only a weekend or two of training. Even doing a weekend course once a month for a year is questionable. What you find is the student doesn’t spend enough time in training mode to be able to take on all the aspects of working and living with the technique.

Through experience I can say that a student needs to be training for 2 day every week over a consistent period of say 6 months. This way they start to live it and breathe it. Additionally the training cannot just be in a workshop environment it needs to incorporate an element that is in a clinic environment, because the clinic is reality and so are the clients. This is the optimum learning environment.

When the government launched the Voluntary Self-Regulations (VSR) for practitioners I was delighted. This was going to sift out the charlatans and the under-trained or in-experienced so called practitioners. Although VSR is voluntary I think it is necessary for our industry to have rules and guidelines to make sure that practitioners are fully trained and are able to provide the public with a service and expertise second to none. Standards of expertise and therapeutic relationships are essential in order for CAM practitioners to be further integrated and work alongside mainstream medicine.

The business acumen

The other aspect that I attribute to my success as a practitioner and teacher is the marketing and business management skills that I had from previous careers. It is these skills that have enabled me to establish, build and develop the school and clinic that proved essential. These are the skills that are going to make or break a practitioner in their ability to market themselves out there alongside other practitioners in their field.

I knew from the moment of launching our practitioner training course that this aspect had to play an equal part alongside technique training. The students will have the benefit of my 25 years of business experience and specifically 8 years running a successful clinic.

This important element of training gives the newly qualified practitioner the business and clinic management, knowledge base and acumen from day one of opening their own clinic; with the peace of mind that all the tried and tested templates and systems are in place…to be continued.

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