Quick Fix Tips – Breathing Techniques Part 3

Breathing TechniqueBreathing Exercises

At the Bioenergy Treatment Clinic we teach Breathing Exercises as part of the 5 elements to RaphaYad Bioenergy Treatment.  Breathing exercises are just as important as eating, drinking and sleeping. They need to be incorporated into your day. The easy thing about the following breathing exercises is that you do not have to take time out to do them. They can be incorporated into your normal day. You can do them on the train or bus, in the car, watching television, whilst ironing or cooking, at your office desk. A few minutes regularly throughout the day and you will see positive results within days!!!!

How do I know it works? “Because I do the breathing exercises myself, and just like my clients I reap the benefits”. Michael Cohen

Have you done the breathe check? If you haven’t you need to do it so visit Quick Fix Tips – Breathing No. 2 to do the breathe check.

LEVEL 1   Straight Line Breathing

  1. Read Breathing Exercises Technique notes at this link.
  2. Stand or sit down keeping your spine straight, with you chin forward.
  3. Place your hand over your belly button.
  4. Before you take the first in breathe pull your stomach in. This will allow you to gain fuller  movement when you take the in breathe.
  5. Keep your mouth closed and take an extended BREATHE IN through the nose into you abdominal area. As you breathe in push your hand out with your stomach muscles. As you get to the end of the breath open the chest and fill it with the remaining air
  6. Slowly BREATHE OUT through the nose with control, pulling your stomach in with your stomach muscles and use your hand to push it in whilst relaxing the shoulders. Make sure the out-breathe is the same length as the in-breathe.
  7. Continue with steps 5 and 6. Make sure you can hear your breathe (except in public places where you may want to be more discreet) and you can see the stomach moving as this will help you to build up a rhythm. As you get more proficient try to extend the length of the breath. When you find this level easy and you have extended the length of the breath then move onto level 2.

Reverse Breathers – Before you can move onto the next level you must correct your breathing technique. At first this new way of breathing may  feel strange, demanding, tiring, exerting. That’s normal when having to re-train the breath. Just remember the more you practice the easier it becomes. If you feel lightheaded this can be a normal reaction to filling you lungs up with clean(er) air. Take a moment, make sure you are steady on your feet otherwise sit down until you have recovered.

…to be continued

In the remaining series of Quick Fix Tips for Breathing we will take you through the technique to correct your reverse breathing. PLUS we have 5 beginners and advanced breathing techniques that are totally invigorating and calming.

So subscribe to the blog now and learn how you can use the techniques to help you mange hypersensitivities, anxiety, panic attacks or depression.

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