The Scientific Basis: Energy, Earth and The Human Body – Part 3

The Human Electromagnetic Fields

Physics has shown that any flowing electrical current produces a magnetic field in the space around it. Similarly, that a changing, pulsing, or moving magnetic field can produce an electrical current flow in an electrical conductor placed within the field.

These are known as electromagnetic fields that have energy and can carry information within the body and extend outside of the body (commonly known as an aura, energy body, enrgy rings or etheric field).

Today the magnetic field (called the magneto encephalogram, or MEG) produced by the brain is easily detected using the SQUID magnetometer. (J. E. Zimmerman)

The pineal gland (situated in the middle of the forehead) is the primary magnetoreceptor in humans. Between 20 – 30% of pineal cells are magnetically sensitive. Exposure of animals to magnetic fields of various intensities alters the secretion of melatonin, the electrical properties of pineal cells, and their microscopic structure (reviewed by Sandyk 1995). 

In addition, it has been postulated that a natural magnet mineral ‘magnetite’, the original lodestone of preliterate people is our ‘Magnetic Organ’. It can be found in almost all types of living organisms. It is located in the posterior wall of the ethmoid sinus (located high up at the back of the nasal passage just in front of the pituitary gland). 

The Magnetic Organ is closely connected to the brain. It has been shown unequivocally to be the sense organ that informs the body of the direction of the Earth’s magnetic field. Just to emphasize the magnificent way the body functions nature has provided us with an organ that provides the connection between the human body and the geomagnetic fields of the Earth. 

This human electromagnetic field sensitivity means that we often experience electromagnetism, without realisation of its magnitude. Depending on a person’s electromagnetic sensitivity will reflect on a person’s reaction or sense to these natural forces.

Examples include:

  • The physical magnetism that you may experience when you first meet someone you like (emotional feelings are a secondary experience).

  • Feeling or being drawn to another person when entering a bar or a pub.

  • The feeling of being stared at in the back of the head.

  • Telephoning someone who was about to ring you or were thinking about you.

  • The collective magnetism of a huge crowd i.e. at a football match or concert.

  • Stormy weather creating a stormy feeling within.

  • Moon cycles.

  • Solar and magnetic storms

  • Biorhythms of the earth and planetary movements.

  • A healer’s ability to positively affect a person’s self-healing mechanism.

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