Scientific Report Quantifying Bioenergy Treatments – Part 1

Bioenergy Treatment Research FoundationDo you really want to understand the science behind Bioenergy Treatment? If so, here is a scientific report which helps to theorise the result on various clinical studies which quantify the effectiveness on Bioenergy Treatments and the like.

Research Paper

“Spin Doctors”:  A New Paradigm Theorizing the Mechanism of Bioenergy Healing. Benford, M. S., Journal of Theoretics June/July 1999 1 (2)

[For those of you whom may be switched off by the full content of this research paper we have highlighted key parts of the paper that you can jump to in orange.]

Abstract:  This article outlines various studies which have shown a change in the measured gamma radiation near bioenergy healers.  Contained herein is a theoretical explanation for these findings based upon an expansion of current concepts in physics and biology.

Keywords: gamma radiaton, radiation detection, bioenergy, quantum vacuum, atomic spin, phyton, SQUID, electromagnetic field.

I.  Introduction

Certain alternative healing therapies are theorized as being bioenergetic modalities which utilize the “élan vital” or vital energy. Proponents of these techniques have claimed this previously unrecognized force infuses organisms with life sustaining energies and/or balances existing energies resulting in improved health. This long-standing and widespread belief in the existence of an etheric healing force, called “prana” by the Hindus, “chi” by the Chinese, and “ki” by the Japanese, is the source most often associated with the “soul, spirit, and mind.” In fact, there are references made to human energy fields or the aura of the body in 97 different cultures, according to John White in his book “Future Science.”1

Equally mystifying and unexplainable are the plethora of parapsychological phenomena often referred to as extrasensory perception, precognition, remote viewing, etc. that have evaded scientific description. Modern scientists have repeatedly sought evidence for the substance of spirit. After Newton published his laws of mechanics, optics, and gravity, he spent many years looking for the living force via the use of alchemy. In the late nineteenth century, prominent physicists, William Crookes and Oliver Lodge, searched for what they called the “psychic force.” Their premise was that a connection existed between the spiritual, aetheric forces and the recently discovered electromagnetic waves. By 1905, electromagnetic signals were recognized as being carried by light packets, or photons, but were not scientifically connected to healing energies.2

Numerous other scientists have also searched for and attempted to name this elusive aether. An abbreviated list would include “pseudo magnetism”; “fifth force”; “empty waves”; a significant part of Tesla phenomenology; “radiation energy” by H. Moray; “tachyon fields” by Fienberg; “free energy” by Kelly; Nieper’s “gravitation field energy”; “space energy” by Schaffranke and Harris; “unified field” by Mahareshi-Jagelin; “emptiness energy” by Reichenbach; “vital magnetism” by Messmer; “bio-cosmic energy” by Hieronymus; “Mumia” by Paracelsus; “X-force” by Eemen; “N-radiation” by Biondio; “ponderomatoric forces” by Myshin; “radiation energy” by Abrams; “O-radiation or Orgonne” by Reich; “M-field” (morphogenic field) by Schaldrein and B. Haeim. A common physical reality behind the diverse phenomenology was postulated by many researchers, in particular, in a more complete form be D.A. Kelly in 1986 and Antwort Schema in 1989.3

Throughout the 20th Century, proponents of “élan vital” and bioenergy medicine have been between alternative healing therapies and living organisms let alone offer a scientifically-testable theory of its existence. This has left the field open to staunch criticism from medical professionals and scientists who overtly dismiss any possible healing effects from an “imaginery” aether. However, recent research may document the existence of healing energy and, further, describe a new paradigm for bioenergy healing which includes a plausible mechanism of action…to be continued.

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