Sophie Found Coherence with Bioenergy Treatment

Bioenergy TreatmentFinally I understood the origins of my bad being. But I didn’t feel better, and I was always reminded of the same mistakes. I feel myself like locked in the world of impossibility. Everything I did, leads always to a same point: the bad being and its getting worse and worse.

Finally after these years of fight, I begun to be apathetic. I have always had a strong will and was a hard worker girl, but starting from this point I became to feel unable to build anything personal in my life.

One day, I read about Bioenergy Treatment. The first appointment gave me satisfaction. I felt already better, at first I couldn’t say why i felt better. even though I still couldn’t do a lot of things. With time and appointments I understood that the first key was well-being, before well-doing. Being oneself and then we were able to build our personal life. This was Bioenergy for me, it gives me again my own coherence and helps me to remember who I was.


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