Quick Fix Tips – Breathing Techniques Part 4

Breathing TechniqueBreathing Exercises

Following on from our previous post we introduced to breathing techniques that we use at the Bioenergy Treatment Clinic as part of the 5 elements to RaphaYad Bioenergy Treatment.

Breathing exercises are just as important as eating, drinking and sleeping. They need to be incorporated into your day. The easy thing about the following breathing exercises is that you do not have to take time out to do them.

So  How did you find level 1 breathing technique?

Difficult or easy?

If you found it challenging I would suggest you stay with level 1 until you feel more comfortable with it. There is plenty of time to move up to level 2. It is better to get the technique right, as it lays good foundations for the levels ahead which are more advanced techniques.  This is even more the case for those of you who were Reverse Breathers.

If you haven’t read the previous posts it is really important that you do before you read this post so click on this link.

LEVEL 2   Triangular Breathing

The main difference here is that there is a hold between the in and out breathe. The hold should be the same length of the in and out breathe. Therefore all sides of the triangle are of equal length.

  1. Read technique notes below.
  2. Place your hand over your belly button (if necessary to guide you).
  3. Keep your mouth closed and take an extended BREATHE IN as in LEVEL 1.
  4. Hold the breathe for the same length as the in-breathe.
  5. Slowly BREATHE OUT as in LEVEL 1.
  6. Continue with steps 3 to 5. There should not be a strain and similarly you shouldn’t find yourself catching your breath. If this happens shorten the length of the sides of the triangle otherwise go back to level 1. When you find this level easy and you have extended the length of the breath then move onto level 3.

…to be continued

In the remaining series of Quick Fix Tips for Breathing we will take you through the 5 beginners and advanced breathing techniques that are totally invigorating and calming.

So subscribe to the blog now and learn how you can use the techniques to help you mange hypersensitivities, anxiety, panic attacks or depression.

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