Are blockages in your energy system affecting your life? Part 1

Blockages in your energy system could be affecting the way your body functions, repairs, heals, as well as that of your perception.

The great news is you can release your blockages!

From the moment you rise, to you placing your head back on the pillow, every action, thought and movement, will be affected by the way your body’s energy system is currently functioning.

Just for a second consider how your energy felt when you woke up this morning. Did you feel alert, rested, tired, sluggish or rejuvenated…was it different to other days?

Similarly, do you find your energy changing at certain points during your day? 

I do not need to be a psychic to determine the answer, as I am sure you are no different to the hundreds of adults and children that have been through our clinic door. In every case, just like you every moment of their day feels different.

Not only does your energy feel different, but just as importantly so does your mind; your emotions; your physical body, and in particular those aches and pains. Everything in your body along with how you feel, is determined by how your energy system is currently functioning.

When you consider how water flows in a stream, every obstacle in its path causes a disturbance to the flow. Over the years this will cause an affect to the streams ecosystem as far as what travels and lives in it. As time goes by, unless it is cleared those blockages can cause devastation, as parts become stagnant and one obstruction causes another and another.

You can see where we are going with this, and how it relates to your body. Yes we too need to have flow, if we want to be fully active and functional in our lives today, let alone preparing us for when we are older. And just like the stream, you have your blockages brought about by trauma’s, issues, accidents and conflicts that go all the way back to your childhood…to be continued

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