The Scientific Basis: The Body Electric – Part 1

Human Body energy fieldConnective pathways and communication

Complete health corresponds to total interconnection with clear free-flow of communication along the connective network of pathways which synergies the body’s biological system. However, accumulated physical and/or emotional trauma impair these connections. When this happens, the body’s defence and repair systems become impaired and disease has a chance to take hold.

  (Oschman & Oschman 1995).


For the connective pathways to have free-flow of information we need to first consider the circuitry of the human body and how it communicates. 

Oscillations of the heart’s and brain’s electrical activity form a conductor that are propagated through the entire body. The main tissue that acts as a circuitry system is the peripheral nerves  and the perineural connective tissue cells that constitute more than half of the cells in the brain. Perineural cells encase every nerve fibre, down to their finest terminations throughout the body. The perineural system is a DC (direct current) communication system reaching to every innervated tissue. (Oschman)

Other tissues in the body are ensheathed in continuous layers of connective tissue: the vascular system is surrounded with perivascular connective tissue; the lymphatic system with perilymphatic connective tissue; the muscular system with myofascia; and the bones with the periosteum. 

Conceptually, this highway of connective tissue forms what is known as the ‘Living Matrix’. It encompasses all of these connective tissue systems, including the cellular and nuclear scaffolds within them.

The Human DC Field Pattern

R.O. Becker’s research into both animals and the human body revealed that the electrical potentials on the skin and inside the body reflected the arrangement of the nervous system. In humans the entire head and spinal region, with its massive concentration of neurons, was strongly positive. 

The three specific areas of greatest positive potential were the: brain, the branchial plexus between the shoulder blades, and the lumbar enlargement at the base of the spinal cord. Also recorded was a midline head potential that suggested a direct current flowing from back to front through the middle of the brain. 

Measuring from these three points of positive potentials the readings grew increasingly negative as measurements were taken further away from these collections of nerve cell bodies; the hands and the feet.

Becker’s research also revealed that when experimenting with a limb fracture, healing around the breakage formed a positive zone and then between the 5th and 10th day reversed its potential back to negative as the fracture began to heal.

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