Overcoming Acute Anxiety & Depression – Part 2


Initially when Brenda started Bioenergy Treatment she came for weekly sessions.

Each week she experienced slight but positive shifts. What was to transpire was that each shift she made was at a pace that she was able to cope with, which meant that she wasn’t overly challenged and most importantly the shifts were sustained. It didn’t mean she didn’t have her ups and downs, but what was apparent as each week went by was that the good days outnumbered the bad ones.
From the first Bioenergy Treatment session and as each week went by her tremor reduced. By October her body and voice was stilled.

Other shifts included: reduction of anxiety, ability to feed her dogs and clean her home, started to read the newspaper (previously unable to take in what she was reading), ability to cook, improvement in her handwriting, standing for longer periods, eating more of a meal, more sociable, able to visit her daughter, to go out for a drink, less worries about her daughter, improvement in sleeping, undertake simple tasks of washing up, more involvement and interaction with her grandson, reduction in grinding of teeth, less forgetful, improved motor controls, improved co-ordination,  increased confidence, less frightened, started to drive again, more able to entertain and increased coping mechanism with daughter’s house move…
Then in January 2008 her partner had a heart attack. This crisis should have sent her into a spiralling decline of anxiety and depression. However, because she had already shifted so far forward her coping mechanisms had kicked in and she held herself together. Admittedly she had made a slight slip back but this would have been expected under the circumstances. She resumed treatment on a bi-weekly basis in February, as she was unable to leave her partner’s side for the preceding month.

Brenda still continues to have monthly Bio Energy Treatment so as to continue her level of improvement so that she can enhance her ability to function without any concern for her past symptoms. What Brenda has achieved in the year few years is so fundamentally important to her being able to enjoy life to its fullest. Her investment is just a fraction of the 44 years she has been held back by her debilitating and long-lasting symptoms.

Brenda continues to strive forward. In her words she “appreciates every good moment and experience that she has” and  “she is not dwelling on underlying doubts anymore”.

As you will see from the chart below Bioenergy Treatment has enabled  Brenda to make major shifts in respect to all aspects of her life. The chart scores are based on her feedback calculated from 0 (low) to 10 (high).

…to be continued.

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* Brenda’s name has been changed to protect her identity.

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