Quick Fix Tips – Breathing Techniques Part 5

Breathing Technique

How have you found level 2 Triangle Breathing? Was it easy or was it hard?

Either way it is really important for you to work at the right level for you. If it was easy then maybe you are ready to move up to level 3 below. BUT before you do so I need you to do a personal assessment as to how good you think your technique is. The reason why I say this is that technique really counts. I believe in strong foundations when I teach. So no cutting corners and 100% honesty with yourself.

If you are still challenged by level 2 then spend a bit more time practising it. And if it still too challenging do not hesitate in going back to foundations and developing Level 1 Straight Line breathing techniques . This is absolutely vital for those of you whom have moved across from Reverse Breathing .

If you haven’t read the previous posts it is really important that you do before you read this post so click on this link.

LEVEL 3 Square Breathing

This level of breathing has 2 holds. The 1st between the in and out breathe and a 2nd after the out breathe. The holds should be the same length of the in and out breathe. Therefore all sides of the square are of equal length.

  1. Read technique by clicking here.
  2. Keep your mouth closed and take an extended BREATHE IN as in LEVEL 1.
  3. Hold the breathe for the same length as the in-breathe.
  4. Slowly BREATHE OUT as in LEVEL 1.
  5. Hold the breathe for the same length as the in-breathe.

Continue with steps 2 to 5. There should not be a strain and similarly you shouldn’t find yourself catching your breath. If this happens shorten the length of the sides of the square otherwise go back to level 2. When you find this level easy and you have experimented by extending the length of the breath then move onto level 4.…to be continued.

In the remaining series of Quick Fix Tips for Breathing we will take you through the 5 beginners and advanced breathing techniques that are totally invigorating and calming.

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