The Scientific Basis: The Body Electric – Part 2

Human Body energy field


Tissue and Cell Frequencies

As per my last post all the connective tissues along with every other cell in the body have unique frequencies in order to identify one cell or tissue (i.e. skin, bone, nerve, tendon) from another. This is no different from ringing a friend on their mobile telephone and only speaking to that person rather than being connected simultaneously with millions of users connected to the vast network.

Each tissue or cell in the body functions at a specific frequency with a specific purpose. Looking at the genetic make-up of the body if every cell genetic makeup is uninhibited and has order then the body can function effectively and efficiently on all levels. 

Breakdown in Communication

The body like other items of circuitry which we buy requires balance, order, structure and flexibilty to function: effectively, efficiently and preventatively.

As we begin to appreciate the delicate and specific way that the body needs to function without dis-order we can start to begin to understand what happens when it all goes wrong. Circuitry requires the body to be wired up in a way that allows all biological systems to communicate 24/7 autonomically and voluntarily. 

When we are exposed to physical and/or emotional trauma a disruption is caused along the connective pathways in a specific region of the body as well as to the surrounding and other pathways leading all the way to the brain. For as long as there is trauma and the related memory patterns then dis-order, physical pains and physiological deterioration will stay in place.  

A simple analogy is to that of the traffic lights failing at a busy central London junction during peak hours. Not only will it cause chaos to those drivers in the immediate vicinity but before long it is causing backups to the wider area as well as a nightmare to the controllers let alone the commuters, businesses, families and every other person who is reliant on someone stuck in the traffic. 

We also appreciate that what affects a person on a physical level will be connected on a psychological level either prior to (i.e. the cause of) or subsequent to (i.e. the result of) the physical manifestation. The relationship between the physical and emotional is well documented through the study of Psychoneuroimmunology (PNI).

From the viewpoint of PNI, trauma causes: chaos, rigidity, inflexibility, distorted perception,  irrationality of mind and ultimately a breakdown in communication and dis-function to both healing and performance mechanisms. Caught in this loop, the body will bring about further adaptation and will no doubt manifest further or harsher symptoms…to be continued.

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