Overcoming Acute Anxiety & Depression – Part 3


Why was Bioenergy Treatment Effective

Brenda had already spent many a year doing the talk therapy, but had decided that she needed a new approach to her anxiety, that would ultimately enable her to move forward without revisiting the past. Brenda was recommended to try Bioenergy Treatment as it has the affect of releasing memory patterns without any cognitive therapy.

A key aspect to the Bioenergy Treatment technique is the way the scanning technique is able to pinpoint the root cause of her symptoms rather than just treating the symptoms. It’s what we call the ‘Jigsaw Affect’. We scan the body, which reveals the primary blockage. Then using the Bioenergy Treatment hands-on/off techniques to treat it, this allows the first piece of the jigsaw to slot into place. Thereafter we re-scanned her body treat the new primary point and the next piece of the jigsaw slotted into place, and so on.

This approach meant that we didn’t decide on treating her symptoms based on the severity, age or priority that Brenda or us the  practitioner determines. Neither did she have a textbook treatment based on her ‘illness’. Instead the whole treatment process was tailored to her and how her symptoms resonate in her body. Ultimately she didn’t get caught up in the issues, the people, the past, the frustrations or the fears.

Each session she made a shift forward at the pace her body and mind were able to process the treatment. This form of re-wiring the brain is a way of releasing memory patterns and enhancing neuron communication that caused a shift in her perception of her world and what she previously perceived as a conflict or issue.

On another level it is possible to defragmentate your body’s connective network, removing the chaos and bringing about a level of order. 

As your perception starts to widen or shift, then there is less internal dialogue and debate going on in your mind i.e. shall I do this or not; is it good or bad; yes or no, positive or negative. As the clarity clicks in along with the focus your instinctual awareness increases, bringing stillness to your brain.

This level of clarity and focus increases your ability to adapt… but without compromise. So what you end up with is more issues going over your head rather than resonating as a conflict or trauma in your mind and body triggering Depression and emotional / psychologica.

*The client’s name has been replaced in order to protect her privacy. Should you wish her case history to be verified please contact the administration office.

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* Brenda’s name has been changed to protect her identity.

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