Are blockages in your energy system affecting your life? Part 3


But reality is that most of you live in a city, and your minds are not empty, and something has just stressed you out. Now we know that your mind doesn’t exist in isolation. The stress doesn’t just trigger your mind to react, but it naturally affects your physical body. In this example, it goes straight to the shoulders, such a weight ii feels like that you are carrying around.

And it is this connection between the stress and the shoulders that we need to understand.

You see every region of your brain connects a physical part of your body. And when you are stressed it affects the communication that travels down your spinal cord and into your shoulders in this case.

So here we have a classic example of how your perception of a situation triggers the stress that in turn affects you shoulders.

What we see is a further example of how communication around your body is affected, rather than signals just travelling around freely. And for the duration that you are feeling stressed,  it is like your worst enemy is turning up the dial and sending a current from your brain to shoulders, back and forth.

So logic kicks in again when we consider that if we can neutralize our perception in many a case, then once again this can reduce the physical reaction in our body.

We can give you so many examples of this, but let us just look at one final one. 

When I had my spinal problems in my lumbar region, I also had digestive problems. Although I didn’t understand why at the time, in hindsight I can reflect back and consider the logic ‘If you have a breakdown in communication in one area i.e. my lumber then it is no surprise that it affects other physiological systems in that same area i.e. my digestive system. In short everything is connected and nothing exists in isolation.

 …You don’t need to be walking around in an adaptive or in a non-productive way. 

In fact you might well ask for a refund, if someone sold you a product that is functioning to the same level as your body is. We have seen hundreds of clients that have become so disassociated with their bodies, that they just plod on and get through their daily cycle of efforts, chores and struggles as a means to just survive.

There is more to your life. You do not need to be a poor me, or so aloof that you can’t see your life road map…to be continued

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