Scientific Report Quantifying Bioenergy Treatments – Part 4

Bioenergy Treatment Research FoundationHere is part 4 of  a scientific report which helps to theorise the result on various clinical studies which quantify the effectiveness on Bioenergy Treatments and the like.

Research Paper

“Spin Doctors”:  A New Paradigm Theorizing the Mechanism of Bioenergy Healing. Benford, M. S., Journal of Theoretics June/July 1999 1 (2)


[For those of you whom may be switched off by the full content of this research paper we have highlighted key parts of the paper that you can jump to in orange.]

V.  Torsion fields, radiation hormesis, and bioenergy therapy

The theory linking biopositive physiological effects of bioenergy therapies with radiation hormesis has been well described.4,5 Radiation hormesis is the concept of using small doses of ionizing radiation in a manner which has a beneficial affect on the body. In summary, whole body exposures of mammals to low-dose irradiation (doses <10 cGy/y; <10 rad/y) has been found to stimulate major physiologic parameters including reproduction, growth, muscular development, mental acuity, cell repair systems (DNA, RNA, membranes and shock proteins), and immune competence.12,13,14

Similar biopositive effects have been noted following bioenergy healing therapies including reduced anxiety in hospitalized cardiovascular patients,15 chemotherapy oncology patients,16 and premature neonates.17 Other research has shown bioenergy therapies reduce tension headache pain17 and dramatically increase the rate of healing of dermal punch wounds.18 One pilot study demonstrated a decrease in the concentration of suppressor T-cells implying an increased immune response.19 A separate study showed significant changes in hemoglobin and hematocrit values after treatment.20

Work by renowned Chinese scientist Dr. Shu-Zheng Liu of the MH Radiobiology Research Unit of Norman Bethune University demonstrates that in both human populations and animal studies low-dose radiation (LDR) stimulates the immunological responses.21 The up-regulation of immunity following LDR involves a series of cellular and molecular reactions as well as their systemic regulation. The results obtained by Lui and many others have compelled researchers to conclude that whole-body irradiation (WBI) with X- and gamma-rays in the dose range within 0.2 Gy has definite positive effect on the immune system which can be considered as beneficial to the organism.22

Similar types of improved immune responses have been reported by the Russian scientists with the use of generated torsion fields. “In a laboratory of radiobiology of Perm University we have investigated the effect of static torsion field on mice. . . The experiments have shown that torsion field has immune-stimulating effect showing itself in the activation of both cellular and humoral parts of the immune system. Being 53.3% for the control mice, the content of rosette forming cells was a high as 71.0% (p<.001) for the mice subjected to the action of torsion radiation. Appreciable differences in the response of the humoral part of the immune system for the unexposed and exposed mice were also detected: the titer of antibodies being 8.33 for the former and 11.70 for the latter.”11

VI.  Interacting with the Vacuum

It is therefore postulated here that bioenergy healers are creating permutations in the Vacuum or zero-point field (ZPF) via torsion fields, which, in turn, change the characteristics of the source mass m (see Figure 1). For this discussion, the Vacuum/ZPF is being defined as “the locus of a vast energy field that is neither classically electromagnetic nor gravitational, nor yet nuclear in nature. Instead, it is the originating source of the known electromagnetic, gravitational, and nuclear forces and fields. It is the originating source of matter itself.”

Figure 1

conscious intention

    (causing heightened electromagnetic \|/ fields in the surrounding the hands)

alteration of the torsion field


distortion of Vacuum/ZPF

  (radiation hormesis) \|/

restoration of substance equilibrium

…to be continued.

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