Are you ready to learn how to treat yourself and those around you? Part 2

Taking responsibility for looking after yourself.

That is quite a statement, considering the lack of time we have for ourselves in the city environment we live in today. But maybe we need to take a step back in time, and go back to basics. 

For me basics is about utilising the very natural and innate tools that are already inside you. One of the best ways of describing it, is that I believe that you have regions of your brain that you do not normally utilise in your 21st century city life. However, take yourself back to the more primal you on the savannah, you would have been using such instinctual and natural tools in your ancient tribal lives. 

So, what I am saying is ‘I believe that the wiring is there inside me, you and everyone! It is already switched on. In fact it is never turned off’.  

This is where I come in.  I have the ability to teach you unique and dynamic techniques that will enable to increase your sensitivity to it, raise your awareness of it. Most importantly, how to gather and utilise it as an effective tool. 

Energy Sensitivity

Bioenergy Treatment techniques can be taught to anyone who is sensitive to  energy (electromagnetic sensitive) i.e. you can feel energy in their hands or body (tingling, heat, draft, coolness, pulling, vibration).

When I consider all my students that I have taught over the last 10 years, and especially those whom have not done any energy work before, they are shocked that within 1 hour they are already feeling their own energy, as well as being able to access it to work with other students energy.

Are you looking to treat yourself?

As I mentioned before, it is so empowering, and to think that you can walk around with your own treatment tools and first aid kit is great news.

Because, that means that if you wake up with a problem, pain or issue you can take action there and then.

Even whilst you are working, you can discreetly take action to deal with it. You see, by attending to a problem at the onset, means it can dissipate or come out quickly, rather than get harsher.

How many times do you say ‘I have a headache or a back pain’ and decide to leave it because it wasn’t convenient or just take a pill?…continued Part 3

To find out how you can learn how to treat yourself either click on this link to the Bioenergy Treatment Training School or subscribe to this blog and you will receive a notification of the next part of this post.

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