Case History – Child Depression and Dysgraphia Part 1

Here is another case history which is so inspiring to other people with depression. William* was 11 years old when he started treatment and undertook 16 sessions over 6 months.


Child Depression. Dysgraphia (learning disability resulting from the difficulty in expressing thoughts in writing and graphing. It generally refers to extremely poor handwriting). No direction in life, major struggle to get up in morning, no enthusiasm for school and studies, withdrawn, unenthusiastic about life, missing the bubble in life, does little physical exercise, not refreshed from sleeping, requires repeated reminders and encouragement to do homework and other activities, lack of confidence, can be anxious, senior school selections demanding, generally solemn, family break up, lives with sibling and mother.

Feedback Report to RaphaYad Bioenergy Treatment





¾ way through session really woke up


No feedback


Studying – better at sitting on own rather than being pushed, bit better in maths. Things generally better, more confident


No feedback


[My observation – He came in looking brighter than usual, looks more alive]. He reported things not as boring as was, doing more interesting things. His English poem was selected to be displayed (first time ever) and his maths teacher says he is more confident. School is easier and more fun. Homework-getting easier to sit down and do it.


[My observation- He looks lighter] He feels bit happier. Bit more tired in mornings however perks up when at school, energy bit higher.


School is good and generally things are ok. He said he wants to get up 20mins earlier to have breakfast. At school it is easier to concentrate.


Half-term, bit tired today however generally sleeping in to 11am so more refreshed


Not feeling good, tired


[My observation- very chirpy and smiley]. Went back to school – happy to be back! Did an assessment of improvement since 1st appt: He has noticed gradual changes. Improvements in schoolwork, homework and maths. Feels more awake, happier and perky. Better focus and confidence. Quality of life a bit better. Mothers feedback: He is taking responsibility for schoolwork and maths homework, concentration improved, better attention span, if forgets homework will catch up in school break (own choice), not so solemn. A noticeable shift in ability to bounce out of solemn.  Mother concerned he is plagued with same issues as her. Less difficulty when picked up from father, he seems to be coming to terms with situation.

School feedback: Noticed shifts, more specific rather than overall- he needs to be more comprehensive, maths improved.


No feedback


Didn’t want to do session, tired grumpy. School ‘interesting’ so enjoying.


Generally ok/good. [My observation – Smiley and looks jolly today] He feels it.


Feeling generally better – everything School feedback: Maths – will now choose to ask for help, previously he would be frightened to ask but now more confident to. English – Harry is demonstrating some good intellect

Client feedback: History – getting better in respect to understanding, learning and enjoying. Maths – pretty good. Homework – doing at school with increased focus, slightly easier and enjoying. Handwriting  – missing out fewer letters, picks up most mistakes when re-reads. General school – less tiring half- way through the day. Better focus and concentration. Got Silver Award in maths competition – better than would have done or expected to do in the past. Cricket – enjoying. Home – in mornings can activate himself better, less sleepy. Was asked fewer times to get up.


He’s fine. [My observation- looks well, light, smiley and refreshed]. Not looking forward to going back to school as summer holiday ending (said with a smile) enjoyed good summer break so ‘you can’t blame me’ he said


[My observation- came in light and jolly]. Speaking clearer – wants to talk. ELECTED AS VICE CAPTAIN AT SCHOOL – major achievement. Pupils and teachers made this appointment. Plus appointed librarian – Never once had been given the responsibility.  Clients Feedback: Homework – fine, takes less time, starts it earlier without hassle, and realizes he needs to be conscientious. Schoolwork – less annoyed about doing it so is quicker, concentration better. Sport – Rugby is enjoying, does it with a better attitude. Maths – not changed in difficulty but has got better at it. French – feels happier in class. History – easier, better focus. Waking up – getting up in morning without nagging and has breakfast now, doesn’t feel groggy.


I visited the client and was taken back by his outgoing and confident character.

Feedback 5 months later

Mother’s feedback: He has been AWARDED A FULL SCHOLARSHIP to attend a public school in the Autumn. He and his mother were over the moon as this was beyond either of there expectations.

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*The case notes have had the clients names replaced in order to protect their privacy. Should you wish any case history to be verified please contact the administration office.

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