Is there a Paralympic hero inside you?

I could not let the Paralympics pass us by without commenting, or should I say praising the Paralympian heroes. And yes heroes is what they are.

Each has come through disability, injury, illness and have excelled beyond the reaches of most able persons. I have all my limbs and use of every muscle , bone and ligament. I would also like to say good mental abilities, some people may say otherwise :-).  I keep fit, l am flexible and physically strong. Yet I am in awe of their abilities, determination, courage and achievements.

If I could be a fraction of a man as these athletes and achieve such successes in life then I will be a happy man.

And you. Who are you and what are your limits. You may not wish to be  an Olympian or Paralympian, but do your limits hold you back. Just for a moment watch this video and see if you can dig deep and find some inspiration to do something more with your life, your issues, your injuries, your illnesses or just to find happiness.

Can you be your own superhuman or are you just going to be a more a ‘poor me’ or the ‘aloof’ person. When are you going to stop blaming yourself, everyone else, the issues, the illnesses the problems…you can dig deep and find a way to move

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