Are blockages in your energy system affecting your life? Part 4


We said we were here to help!

So here we are.

Since 2002, we have been treating and helping adults, children and infants at The Bioenergy Treatment Clinic. In fact we have recently celebrated our 10,000th treatment session. So, we know our stuff!

We don’t want you to be a pill popper for years to come. We don’t want you to supress your symptoms with medication. We don’t want you to limp around emotionally or physically. We want to help you to help yourself.

It is not about finding the cure, and ‘bingo’ all your life’s problems are solved. What we want to do is share with you a dynamic technique that can help your body to help itself; by way of releasing blockages that will improve the flow in your body’s energy system; increase your body’s ability to heal, repair and function…effectively, efficiently and preventatively; improve it’s connectivity; and lead to an improved quality of life for you.

All it needs is a little investment. Not in us but in you. You need to consider what you are worth and what it means to you to have a life that is fulfilling; a life that connects you with your environment that you live and work in; a life that will bring you happiness, fulfilment, joy and laughter.

And how do we know this, because we are not the people that we were 10 years ago and neither are the hundred’s of client’s that have been through our clinic door.

I am definitely not the Joanne whJoanne Cohen Bioenerfy Treatment Co-foundero experienced chronic anxiety and heart pumping panic attacks. That prevented me from even travelling to work, that eventually caused me to quit my job. I am not just everyone else’s helper. I can actually say for once in my life I am EMPOWERED.

I am more complete than ever before. Because just like you I chose to go through treatment on myself using Bioenergy Treatment…read more.

Michael Cohen founder Bioenergy Treatment

And neither am I the Michael who experienced debilitating spinal disorders for 20 years of my life, 18 food intolerances and hypersensitive to just about everything in and around my environment. Through self-treatment of Bioenergy Treatment I am not that paranoid guy that had to have rigid boundaries around me to protect myself.  I am now a Triathlete, that can eat any food that I like to.

I have gained a heightened INSTINCTUAL functioning that enables me to understand that ‘in order to gain control, you need to lose control…and then you realise that you didn’t need it in the first place!’…read more.

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