Distance Bioenergy Treatment sounds weird. Can it really work? Part 1

Bioenergy Distance TreatmentI have to say even as a practitioner it does sound far fetched to think that someone can experience Distance Bioenergy Treatment when they are not in the room. I mean can it really be real?

The interesting thing about working with Distance treatment was that when I first started to do it I didn’t learn it from a teacher or textbook. What actually happened was a bit more organic. Simply I needed to treat someone whom wasn’t in the same room as me and had no other choice. I literally found myself pressing the blockage points as if that person was in front of me. So there I was pressing points in the air. Well if anyone was filming me they would think I was totally mad!

But was I? Well the only way for me to find out if this method of treatment was to ask my clients. This is what I did. So here is what Gill said,

“Being worked on distantly by Michael is like being in the same room with him. I am able to tell him what I am feeling, either tingling, pressure, ache, or just a sensation and he confirms that is the exact area he is working.   

I am able to sit comfortably in my own home and enjoy the sessions and then relax afterwards without the hassle of a journey home.   

Thanks Michael.”

And so did the next and the next client. Even more encouraging was the results that were coming through.  For instance Susan has experienced amazing shifts and changes in her life since starting DISTANCE Treatment. Susan is unable to travel from Wales regularly to London so she opted for Bio Energy Distance Treatment. Click here to read about her experiences.

Can Bioenergy Distance Treatment be quantified?

So the big question is, ‘How can we validate that Bio-energy Distance Treatment in our minds, that it is real, and not some mumbo jumbo?’

OK, here is the picture. you are sitting in your living room and you have booked a distance appointment. Your speaking to me on the telephone or watching me on Skype and an hour later treatment is finished. How can it be that something real and tangible has happened? Of course I don’t expect you to except it on the basis of what Gill and Susan have to say, but it is a start.

In my next post we are going to look at reality and how Bioenergy Distance Treatment can be quantified, just like your mobile phone…to be continued in part 2.

To read more about Bioenergy Distance Treatment click here.

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