Distance Bioenergy Treatment sounds weird. Can it really work? Part 2

Bioenergy Distance TreatmentLet’s try and quantify Distance  Bioenergy Treatment

Following on from part 1 of this post we talked about trying to quantify Distance Bio-energy Treatment. I similarly mentioned mobile phones. So what has mobile phones got to do with distance treatment and how is it going to help us quantify it?

You see, you probably have a mobile phone like most other people. Now this mobile device has no cables or wires that link it to another device. Everything that you doing on it happens invisibly. For instance you can send a text message or photo, send an email or share information with bluetooth.

Somehow, every individual piece of data is transmitted from your phone WITHOUT any cables to another mobile device either in your immediate vicinity or just as quickly to the other side of the world.

Now, you may not know where the recipients device is located. It could be anywhere in the world. You haven’t programmed in any co-ordinates, but somehow or other it arrives on your friends device and not on 0,000’s of others. WOW!!!

When it arrives on the receiving device, similarly it doesn’t arrive all jumbled all. Every piece of data or pixel is positioned in exactly the same way that it was sent. Absolutely incredible!

Had you proposed such technology in Mississippi some 100 years ago they would have burnt you at the stake. Seriously!

Except in today’s society you do not give it a seconds thought! But why. Is it significant. Yes it is! And here you are taking it all for granted.

It is through this technology that we can understand human electromagnetic communication known as bio-electromagnetism and frequency communication…to be continued in Part 3.

To read more about Bioenergy Distance Treatment click here.

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