Scientific Report Quantifying Bioenergy Treatments – Part 5

Bioenergy Treatment Research FoundationHere is part 5 of a scientific report which helps to theorise the result on various clinical studies which quantify the effectiveness on Bioenergy Treatments and the like.

Research Paper

“Spin Doctors”:  A New Paradigm Theorizing the Mechanism of Bioenergy Healing. Benford, M. S., Journal of Theoretics June/July 1999 1 (2)


This spin compensation, posited to be induced by heightened electromagnetic fields surrounding the hands of bioenergy healers (charge q), alters the torsion field and creates new annihilation/energy opportunities for the source.

Furthermore, preliminary data collected to test this theory demonstrate a “Rubberband Effect” resulting from the healer’s intervention with matter-based substances and their fields. To explain the effect, one can use the example of an unstretched rubberband of a certain length (say 2″):


When force q is exerted on point B such that the rubberband (mass m) is stretched it will assume a new length of 3″:


This, however, puts the system out of equilibrium such that when the force, or energy, dissipates, the rubberband does not immediately go back to a stable position 2″ but, first, overcompensates by going to 1″:


In a recent gravity-shielding experiment involving lentil beans, the rest mass (pre-therapy) was 37.545 gms. When the bioenergy healers energized it in a direction such that it reached a peak by decreasing in mass by about 0.1 gm (this was replicated in a second energizing session). This “stretched” the mass of the beans such that when the energy dissipated overnight it did not return to its normal rest mass (37.545) but over compensated by a full gram.

Likewise, a replication of the test involving the same healers under more stringently controlled conditions, e.g., test mass enclosed behind glass windows, resulted in the same rubberband effect only in reverse. The test mass initially got heavier but subsequently rebounded to a lighter than pre-test weight. Several attempts to replicate these results by non-therapists demonstrated that the test mass could uniformly be made heavier; however, the rebound effect only returned the mass to its pre-test level and not beyond.

A second series of preliminary experiments with bioenergy healers demonstrated a similar rubberband effect. In a radioactive decay rate study, which tested the ability of the healers to alter the constant gamma decay rate of Cs-137, the results indicated that the Cs-137 peak increased at some point during the therapy session but, post-therapy, plummeted to a level below the pre-test average (testing is still underway with additional healers and controls).

Russian researchers have theorized that torsion fields may have both an elastic effect and a residual effect: both noticed in the previously described experiments with bioenergy healers. “The opinion that the Vacuum behaves as a super-fluid is commonly accepted. There are also researchers who believe that Physical Vacuum behaves as an elastic solid, precisely as aether was regarded at the times of I. Newton.. . Another feature of torsion fields must be mentioned. Just as a magnet produces residual magnetization in a ferro-magnet, the torsion source creates ‘residual’ polarization through acting upon the classical spin both at the levels of substance and the Physical Vacuum.”3

VII.  Gamma radiation, torsion fields, and psi-phenomena

Thus far it has been demonstrated and postulated that there is a connection between bioenergy healers, gamma radiation, and torsion fields. Is there also a possible link to the unexplained psi-phenomona that have perplexed scientists and theologians for centuries? According to the Russian pioneers in torsion field research, just as in electricity, the elementary particle charges are the primary source of field where the elementary particle spins are the primary sources of torsion field. However, gamma photons have also been identified as primary sources of torsion field.3 Furthermore, it has been stated and verified that the electromagnetic field can generate the torsion one. Thus, it stands to reason, that healers who can consciously increase the electromagnetic field surrounding their hands and, likewise, cause significant fluctuations in external gamma radiation around a subject’s body, are also creating permutations in the torsion field and, subsequently, the Vacuum itself.

VIII.  Conclusion

This new paradigm describing the “Spin Doctor,” advances our scientific understanding of bioenergy healing modalities by analyzing studies and data in order to develop a theory that takes into account our current understanding of physics and expands upon it. Too often data which does not fit our current understanding is ignored rather than trying to develop a theory which can explain the previous data as well as the new.

As a result of this new paradigm, we can now begin to understand, and thus demystify, the origins and actions of the “imaginary” aether of healing energies. This new model takes into account the well-known, and documented, beneficial effects of low-dose radiation as a potential mechanism in bioenergy healing. Furthermore, the acceptance and appreciation of torsion fields, with their influencable spin characteristics both in defining and refining matter, opens a new perspective of scientific exploration into psi-phenomena. Possibly, we can conclude that life, and even mind, may be a manifestation of the constant, albeit subtle, interaction of the wave packets classically known as “matter” with the underlying physically real Vacuum field.


* I will use the term “Vacuum” in the sense that the Russians refer to a Physical Vacuum or which we refer to as quantum vacuum. The Russian term has a materialistic quality.

If you would like to see the entire article visit the RaphaYad Bioenergy Treatment website by clicking here.

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