Distance Bioenergy Treatment sounds weird. Can it really work? Part 3

Bioenergy Distance TreatmentLet’s try and quantify Distance  Bioenergy Treatment

In part 2 we looked at mobile technology and how we can send messages between telephones and other devices. Not only can you send texts but emails, photos, video and music. There doesn’t seem to be any limits. All this data is invisibly sent from one device to another. What is also amazing is that when it arrives at the recipient with every piece of data arrives with totally clarity and order.

So how does it work?

Without blowing you minds with too much scientific data. Here we go in a simplified way. Your mobile phone has a unique frequency number and so does that of your friend. That is why you can send, say a text, and even though you do not know where they are physically are at the time i.e. at home or on holiday the message only arrives on their phone.

It doesn’t get sent to 000,s of other phones only theirs. That is because every mobile or similar device has a unique frequency number. Similarly, your device is  able to decode the data so it is readable.

So,  if for one moment we were to sit back and try and analyse a process of communication that we take for granted it would baffle us beyond logic. And as I said previously 100 years ago they would have burnt us at the stake. But here we are taking it all for granted. Not only that but accepting it without question.

So how does this relate to Distance Bio Energy Treatment?

It is through the advances of modern technology that helps us to quantify a very natural process of biological communication i.e. two living organisms communicating. To be more precise me and you, and you and everyone around you.

This is why you can be in the presence of a person or group of people and can be affected by their energy. Ever felt drained by someone like a vampire that sucks blood, in this case your energy. I guarantee you know someone who does!

Have you felt someone staring into the back of your head on the train; the surge of energy from a crowd of people at a concert or football match; emotions that you feel when you are with someone without even uttering a word. Or just thinking the same thing as another person simultaneously. Or you ladies how you menstrual cycle syncs with others you are living or working with.

All these experiencing take place every day every moment without you thinking about it!

So what does it mean?  It is mammoth but something we don’t think about.

It is all about frequencies. Just like your mobile phone you have a unique frequency and that enables us to communicate with another person as they have a unique frequency.

I will explain more in my next post and although I do not send texts with my energy I can instead interact with your energy in such a way that it can have a positive affect in the form of  a Bioenergy Distance Treatment…to be continued in part 4.

To read more about Distance  Bio-energy Treatment click here.

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