Are you ready to learn how to treat yourself and those around you? Part 3


How many times do you leave it until it gets worse and only take action  when you have no choice but to do something about it?

Consider the amount of use, abuse, misuse and disuse that you put your body and mind through in your life to date. And what about the future, particularly as you get older. Would your car or computer still run effectively if you treated them the same way that you treat your body? Of course not!

It is for this reason we have to EMPOWER ourselves and look after out mind, body and energy system. We need to improve its functionality, its productivity, its effectiveness, its efficiency and make sure it works preventatively. This is the way forward!

Explore & Experiment

Explore a 1-2-1 Bioenergy Treatment before you commit yourself to a training course. This experiential session will give you a good overview of the techniques involved.

Mother and daughterAnd how about your friends and family?

Not only do you have the gift to look after yourself. But what a gift it would be for you to have the ability to treat your friends, children, parents and sibling. That’s right, helping your nearest and dearest.

Just to say, so there is no misunderstanding that although you will be able to treat friends and family members, you will not be a qualified practitioner having only done the Bio-energy Treatment Foundation Workshop. You will be a student who is able to practice on other people.

How effectively? Well, from day one you will see results. But the more you practice, practice and practice, the more you become proficient.


“I was very impressed with how much was taught in the time that we had. Not at one point did it feel like i was being overloaded with information, I think this was because we were taught only what we needed to know and Michael talks plainly and simply. No long monologues.

Everything we talked about was backed up by practical application so it all made perfect sense. Michael was also good at working with all the different personalities of the group so no one felt left out” …read more.

Zoe Tarnet (practitioner)

Bioenergy Treatment Student NetworkPractice, Practice, Practice and Support

And that’s what it is all about. Re-enforcing the wiring in your brain, until it becomes so instinctual, that you just use the Bio Energy Treatment Tools without a second thought.

On top of that you will have the opportunity to meet up with other like minded students on our Bioenergy Student Network to practice with. Attend Enhancement & Advanced Workshops with me to fine tune, tweak and develop your technique. And naturally break the bad habits that I am sure you and everyone picks up.

To find out how you can learn how to treat yourself either click on this link to the Bioenergy Treatment Training School.

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